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That means Both Y'all

Opinions - Do I express my opinions here? Yes, but on occasion I do, really, change or, at least, refine my opinions.

When we give voice to an idea, then we can sit back and reevaluate it; compare the feelings and understandings we had when we first expressed that idea to our experiences subsequent to its expression.

WARNING: I have been accused by some of possessing a fairly dry sense of humor.

There’s more than enough irony in our world; giving expression to it is not a bad thing.

Okay, If you're curious...

Wondrous Soul

In the summer of my sixteenth year, I worked as a Counselor-in-Training at Lutheridge by Arden, North Carolina, where I was blessed to meet one who possessed a wondrous soul. Time and age have not quite clouded my memory.

About Barbara

My Mother

“Fiercely independent” best describes her and her mother, Odessa: “sassy” just doesn’t cut it. Her father, Robert Luther, was supposed to inherit his parents’ farm, but Odessa had other ideas. She refused to live anywhere but in the big city.

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