Overlapping Worlds

We live in overlapping worlds, don’t we? There is the spiritual world—if we acknowledge it—and there’s the physical, or temporal world.

There are also the worlds of family, friends, commitments, recreation, so forth. Many times these spheres seem to conflict with each other and, if we step back and gaze upon them, we can become swamped with their nuance and complexity.

This Website exists within two worlds, too. One is that of its content and the other is its structure. Even these sometime seem to have lives of their own and compete with each other. And me. So, one of my tasks is to keep each upon its path; the synergistic path.


So far, the content of this site is purely my own, other than material I quote & cite here. I have not focused my blog on a particular theme or venue. I rant, vent, and ponder upon subjects when they creep upon and capture me.

If you’re wondering, NO!—the only voice I hear in my head is my own. When I stop and listen, I sometimes hear a still, small voice in my heart. But, that’s another matter.


Your comments and articles are welcome, so long as you don’t act like an attack squirrel and go after someone’s intellectual jugular, including mine. If the discovery that someone else has formed opinions or defined paths for his or her life different from your own disturbs you, you will be disturbed. That someone else is different does not mean that that someone is incorrect or evil.

No, No, NO!

I don’t like and won’t accept personal flaming, flames, or flame wars. I do not allow comments or articles to advertise products or services of any kind. You are welcome to try and convince me to convert to macrobiotic vegetarianism by the strength of your arguments. Good luck. However, you’re not permitted to accuse omnivores of murder.


I hope you will enjoy my musings, even if you disagree with me. If you wish to debate, you are more than welcome to do so. Bear in mind that I stand accused of having a dry sense of humor tainted by a bit of sarcasm (I do so love good sarcasm). I do not, however, like or accept sarcasm directed in a personal manner. I try to be civil with others and my hope is that you will, too, when you post comments on articles here.

In God We Trust…

…all others we monitor…

I review all articles before posting them. And, I review all comments and will remove any that violate the standards I’ve identified here.

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