2008 Blogs

Black Monday

September 15, 2008 was Black Monday.

Buckley Endorses a Democrat?

On October 10th, Christopher Buckley, scion of William F. Buckley and former columnist for The National Review, wrote an endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President.


The campaign staff for Senator John S. McCain has released another attack ad against his opponent, Senator Barack Obama.

Homeowners Associations

Most developments in which we buy or have bought homes are inflicted with a homeowners association, of which there are two types: voluntary and involuntary.

Legislative Stonewall

Just off of Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virgina, stands a memorial to Thomas J. Jackson on the Boulevard.

Medicines and Choice

I read a story online that really struck me—particularly because I'm diabetic.


People are playing with my life, my life’s work, and my dreams.

The YardKeeper

I work hard; I’d fallen for the pitch that it’s better to own your home than to rent or lease one.

What McCain Did

Going against the best advice I could give, John McCain placed a political neophyte, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his candidate for the office of Vice President of the United States.

What Should McCain Do?

There’s a lot of speculation concerning John McCain’s choice for his Vice Presidential candidate.

What Should Obama Do?

When I look at the Democratic Party and its nominee for President, Senator Barack Obama, I really am in a quandary regarding the potential nominee for VP.