2010 Blogs

2009: It’s Finally Over!

Well, am I glad that’s [finally] over! 2009 was a year to remember—and a year of stuff to forget.

Single-Payer Health Insurance

Would Congress—Representatives, Senators, & staff members—participate in a single-payer medical insurance program?

She’s Back…

If not for Sarah Palin (and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, et al.), where would we find humor in our political lives?

The Leaves in Winter

It’s winter—even in central Virginia, it is winter. I’m looking out my window onto my front yard, and I see…

Volunteers, Not Taxes

RICHMOND, Virginia — Robert F. McDonnell was inaugurated today as the 71st governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia here today.


Do we have another example of political insanity amongst us? Yes, I'm afraid we do, and the phrase I coin for it is the: Do-Nothings.


The underpinning of the so-called Tea Party “movement” would be funny if not for the off-the-cuff alliances being made between local groups and so-called militias and other organizations, such as the John Birch Party.

Oath Keepers

The organization known as Oath Keepers is not a militia although it parallels self-described militias and conspiracy groups.

Pledge to America

Republicans in the US House and Senate yesterday issued a completely new and innovative message, the Pledge to America.


Heath Care & Insurance

Republicans in the US House of Representatives, in their “new” Pledge to America, claim to offer “a plan to repeal and replace the government takeover of health care.”


We are building a Maginot Line across our southern border with Mexico to control illegal immigration from Latin American nations, primarily to prevent crime and protect jobs.