What Should Obama Do?

When I look at the Democratic Party and its nominee for President, Senator Barack Obama, I really am in a quandary regarding the potential nominee for VP.

So, let’s look at the names proffered by others far more experienced in punditry than I.

For instance, in May, Will Thomas wrote in The Huffington Post that these people were, or could be, considered for the Democratic VP nomination:

  • Senator Jim Webb of Virginia
  • Senator Hillary Clinton of New York
  • Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
  • Senator Joe Biden of Delaware
  • Bryan Schwietzer of Montana
  • Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona
  • Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio
  • Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska
  • General Wesley Clark, USA (ret)
  • Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas
  • Tom Daschle, former Senator of South Dakota
  • Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City

Pros & Cons

Well, I’m not certain that anyone on Mr. Thomas’s list has yet to become a “con,” but there may be a con artist hidden away in there. Somewhere. Maybe not.

Of course, this list dates from early May, and things have chugged along since then. It seems, today, that retired General Wesley Clark may be the apple of Barack’s eye. The man certainly seems eager enough. Eager enough, in fact, to attack John McCain on his status as a former Prisoner of War.

Frankly, given this list and the improbability of some names offered therein, I am surprised no one has mentioned former President Jimmy Carter or former Vice President Walter Mondale as candidates. And, “improbability” is an active ingredient these days regarding the Democratic Party and its nominees. Just ask Hillary…

If I had to choose from this list—and I don’t have to, but will, anyway—I would think that the strongest possibilities are Joe Biden and Bill Richardson. I think Chuck Hagel would do wonders for the Democrats, except for the fact that Mr. Hagel is a Republican. Albeit, he is a Republican who many Democrats like, especially for his disagreements with President George W. Bush.

Another Proposal

Okay, I went out on a line regarding a Republican candidate for Vice President. Perhaps ’way out on a line, but what the heck? In any case, I’m in a quandary, and my offering reflects that:

Ron Paul

Yes, I touted Ron Paul as the best VP candidate for John McCain to select. Yes, I pointed out Mr. Paul’s conservative bonafides in that argument. Still, the same reasons that make him so “right” for McCain make him equally, or perhaps more, selectable by Barack Obama.

  • You want bipartisanship? What could be more bipartisan than a ticket with Barack Obama and Ron Paul?
  • You want people in office who have Washington experience without being too “Washington?” Again, you have Obama & Paul.
  • You want both sides of the abortion issue heard? Obama & Paul.
  • You want candidates who conduct intelligent, articulate, and successful campaigns? Obama & Paul, again.
  • Campaign debts and fund-raising? If you’re a Democrat, you cannot help but be enthralled by the idea that two such successful fund-raisers would work together on the same ticket.

I know that, amongst many Democrats, Ron Paul will not pass their own litmus tests. Sorry. The truth is the truth. Barack Obama, for all the sloganeering over change (“Change We Can Believe In”), really doesn’t have a lot of governmental experience at the federal level, does he? Foreign Policy? Domestic policy is probably where he’s strongest. Ron Paul’s experience, both as a veteran and a legislator, coupled with his desire for a decidedly non-interventionist foreign policy, stand him well in this regard.

But…This shall probably not occur. (Especially if John McCain offers the position to Mr. Paul.) Instead, I’m sure that the Democrats will nominate Hillary or Bloomberg, instead. My alternatives (to Ron Paul) are John Edwards and Evan Bayh, but that’s the stuff of another article.

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