The Enemy

Politics is often a dirty game and is more often a much decried and lampooned field. Some bemoan the presence of "professional" politicians - as if that is a recent phenomenon or even a phenomenon.

I look for a certain professionalism in those for whom I vote. I want my Representatives and Senators to know how legislation works and how rules and procedures must be navigated in order to provide service to their constituents.

I want my leaders to know and follow our Constitution. I want commissioned officers in our armed forces to act up to their oaths and not take handouts, payola from companies that try to use them to secure lucrative contracts as did more than a few who worked against the interests of the Navy and our nation to hand logistics contracts to a sleezebag. I am aghast to see that we are spending 22 billion USD to produce "destroyers" that cannot use the weapon against which they were designed.

I gave my oath to preserve and protect my country and our government and to follow the orders of those appointed over me. I am saddened, appalled, when some violate their oaths.

The Enemy is UsI don't know what to think when elected leaders give their oath to serve impartially loudly proclaim they will not be impartial. Those who do could have the decency to not broadcast their disdain for the role our Constitution defines for their role.

We study civics and government in school.

If we emigrate from abroad and stand to be naturalized US citizens, we are tested on these subjects.

We know that ours is not a nation of racial or cultural homogeneity. Our nation is built upon law, the rule of law, and our respect for our laws.

I am not certain that this is now the case.

I used to assure people that, even if their worse fear became fact—that a democratic–socialist would be elected President—that a President cannot just change things by whim because of the legislative dynamic involved.

The example of our current (and outgoing) President belies that.

Although some may not believe this, I don’ challenge anyone's vote.

I don't care whether one is conservative or liberal.

I care about my country and community and…

The more I think on these things, the more I hearken back to a particular comic strip I read as a youth in the Atlanta Journal:

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